Cavender's, All purpose greek seasoning

Around 1948

Spike and Katherine Cavender decided to establish their family in the beautiful Ozark Mountains based on their love for outdoor beauty and all that the area offered in that respect.  With an abundance of fishing opportunities at the likes of Bull Shoals Lake, the Buffalo National River, Kings River in Carroll County, and of course, the beautiful White River for trout, he knew he had found the place to raise his son, Steve, and develop his business opportunities. While growing up in Oklahoma and Texas, being a wild game hunter had always been Spikes’ passion and the chance to live in the Ozarks provided ample chance for prosperity and time for hunting. After creating solely owned businesses like root beer stands, a Honda motorcycle dealership, and a successful downtown retail store, Spike decided to try his hand at marketing a greek seasoning spice that he had been making for years and giving to friends and family who requested his “secret” stuff! 

All of our longtime loyal greek seasoning users have their own version about how Cavender’s Greek Seasoning started with them (we were trademarked in the early 70’s!!) and we thought it might be fun to share our version. . .  

One of our earliest memories of loving the flavor of Cavender's Greek Seasoning is when Granddaddy Spike would “season” our steak dinners and leave the marinating platter sitting on the kitchen counter all afternoon. As we ran in and out of the kitchen door while playing outside, we would use our fingertip to swipe the edge of the platter (sometimes even the meat itself!!) then lick our fingers to taste the awesome spice blend that he had used. We loved it !!! He and our Dad blended and bottled a batch of Cavender’s Greek Seasoning on the 4th of July (while we were no doubt playing outside!) and left it at a few grocery stops around Harrison. Granddaddy said if he “went back and they were sold out, he was gonna market the stuff!!” For several years we would spend the weekends blending Greek seasoning, and then Granddaddy would fill orders and deliver them during the week. . .  that’s how it started to US!! 

We are deeply humbled by all of the generations who have passed down their “secret” ingredient to family and friends. This effort has been the cornerstone of our success and longevity.  

Enjoy our new website and check back often via Facebook or Twitter to see what we’re up to. We’re usually here unless we’re “outside” playing!!! Remember to live life with a little spice. .. Thanks again.