Cavender's, All purpose greek seasoning

Since 1970

S-C Seasoning Company, Inc. has operated in the beautiful Ozark mountain setting of Harrison, Arkansas as a family owned and managed manufacturing company.

For many years, company founders Spike and Steve Cavender made the unusual spice blend and gave it away to family and friends. As interest, as well as requests grew, Cavender's All-Purpose Greek Seasoning's popularity soared and became a widely used "secret ingredient" by many people! Adding Cavender's Salt-Free Greek Seasoning to the product line in 1991 was well received by loyal Cavender's customers who had requested "their seasoning" without salt for many years.

The original recipe is still being manufactured today by 3rd generation Cavender family and a host of longtime employees. Having been originally used as a meat seasoning, new recipe ideas and creative uses shared with family and friends have contributed to over 50 years of continued growth.